Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I enjoy hiking...who knew?!

I’ve never known anyone to become an Army Infantryman then on to being a Special Operations guy who “enjoyed” hiking. After things like 12, 20, and 30 mile “forced marches” while wearing combat loads/rucksacks leads most guys NOT to look around and take in the beauty of nature or the locale, rather it makes most guys (including myself) look around and tell fellow Soldiers and anyone that will listen...”when I get out of the Army I’m never doing this sh*t again, EVER”! Hence the reason I haven’t done anything “outdoorsy” or hiked in almost two decades. 

Then, a couple weeks ago, out running on a snow trail at Mt. Washington, I stopped and looked around and was like “damn this is gorgeous and I’m having a blast, I need to do this as much as possible”. After the run I promptly went to the local @llbean outlet and tried to buy out the store. Hahaha. So I “kitted up” and hit the trails at Mt. Wachussett today. What started out as a “quick” hike just to try equipment and take it easy...turned into a 3 hour long hike over all sorts of terrain because you know...NATURE. Just gorgeous even on an overcast, chilly day. Did I bite off more than I could chew? Absolutely I did and I’m gonna pay for it but it was worth it. Much better than that amount of time spent in the gym for sure!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Reunited and it feels so good! IT may sound silly but I've just felt naked without my Polar v800 on my wrist. But, but, but, I finally got a replacement one (thank you Polar!) and feel complete again.

In my excitement to get back to training, I forgot that you have to set up all the exercise profiles on the watch so I only had triathlon, outdoor running, multisport, other outdoor and "other indoor" to choose from...so that's what I went with for what I thought was gonna be an easy 45 minute elliptical session. I was feeling good and was motivated while watching the Punisher on Netflix...but wowza, I think I burned a few calories! Well, that's a great way to break in a new HR monitor.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Saved the world?

The world has no idea how much better off it is that I got a run in. The last few days with work and my personal life have just been bananas. Like hit stuff with a baseball bat frustrating. Well, that's a perfect time to go purge all the demons. I wanted to go for a run but I had no idea or expectation that I'd run 6 miles. I'm not gonna lie...those 6 miles hurt. They hurt a lot. Like the stomach hurting, room getting spotty kind of hurt...but honestly it felt pretty good to put out max effort. I had no gas or energy left to be frustrated when I was done. Now to get a few hours sleep and get up at o-dark-30 to drive to a convention I'm working.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Making pain

So...what do you do after the doc has a long talk to you about your back/pelvis issues? Why, you go for a run of course!!!

I just needed to do it. What's so funny, is as my body becomes accustomed to running again and I shed a few pounds, the pain will go away (or at least lessen greatly) and I'll be back at it again. It sounds hellish but I can't wait to get back to a 10 or 15 mile long run on the weekends again. Might sound counterintuitive that you have to deal with pain...in order for pain to go away but that's just how it goes. I've run more in the last week than I've run in months and it feels fantastic.

During anyway, the after...ooph

It ain't gonna get better

So...when you go see your spine guy...and he reminds you that the pain has to/can be managed but will never go away because of the damage you've done to yourself. Seems that breaking my back years ago...and the vertebrae and pelvis mending a couple millimeters off, means that with activity and age I'm just grinding away the disks and subsequently the vertebrae too.

The only way to "fix it", and it's not really a fix, it to fuze the back. But, because of my level of activity and relative young age, the fuzing will just lead to extra strain on the rest of my back and lead to further deterioration.

So, the only real option is to get as light as possible and hyper build my core and surrounding back muscles in order to provide support and lessen the load on the back.

Well, time to dig deeper and push onward, harder. I used to have an old 1SG that used to say "...pain is never a bad thing. Pain reminds you that you're alive". Indeed it does...time to make some pain

Sunday, November 26, 2017

I just needed to run

I don't know what happened. I didn't just want to go for a run, I felt like I HAD to go for a run. I hemmed and hawed all day and just knew I couldn't relax until I got it done.

Not only that, but I have this little loop I like to run, that's mostly downhill but I turned at the half way point, to run uphill the way back, on negative splits. Why? Because the pain of effort (effort not injury) just felt so good. Digging in, cold deep in the lungs as I ran faster...just felt good and is a pain I didn't realized I'd missed. Ya, feels really good to not only be back at it but WANT to be back at it. You know?