Sunday, April 2, 2017

Feeling better..who knew?

Working off those "vanilla nut taps" (if you know, you know), bwahahaha.

What a difference a couple weeks make. I couldn't have been more frustrated while in the "recovery mode" post surgery but after running again it's like my whole outlook has changed. Yes I woke up this morning very sore (sore, no pain) stumbling around like a newborn calf...but I feel great! Talk about happy to be sore. I kew I was going to have to deal with running muscle atrophy and my body didn't disappoint.

Had to get back in the gym, but I just focused on an upper body lift session to give my legs a break. Great lift and then run again tomorrow. Woohoo

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Work hard fuel

Nice to feel like I had a real workout in the gym. 45mins on the bike followed by another 45min cardio lift. Finished up with heavy sets of single arm dumbbell rows to build them archery pulling muscles!

Being motivated to push myself and have a tough workout wasn't hard because a friend of mine is part of a new company sent me a sample of their new pre-workout. Sweet baby Jesus this WIDSTRONG product is the heat! Literally. And talk about a lil dab'll to ya...1/2 a tbsp is the serving size. Great taste, not gritty, dissolves completely 8oz cold water.
Didn't make me shake or upset my stomach before, during or after workout. It got me fired up to workout and I sweated gallons. No shakes, no HR fluctuations, just solid fuel to power a workout. Ya, loving this stuff! Just what I need to get back at it

Sunday, March 19, 2017

I'm frustrated...

So here's a lil bluster, no BS, just straight shooting. That look kinda says it all. After my last surgery (I say last not because it'll be my last, just that it's the latest of my 13 to date) I have been confused, disappointed and depressed. Doing serious damage and getting it repaired and recovering and getting back to "life" takes a toll and has taken one. Honestly, I'm tired of it and am willing and able to say out loud it just plain sucks. While I have no desire to sit around and blossom back up to 250lbs...I also have no desire to get back to my normal everyday training again or even try as I heal/recover from surgery. Now we're talking about quality of life as life goes on. I haven't trusted myself to do any "real" training for fear that it would either aggravate the damage I've already done or hinder the healing of my hip. But...the inactivity has left me wanting...and fat. While people may think I'm not "fat", for me and the weight I like/want to be at, I am. I normally race at 165-170 with my "off-season" weight being up around 10lbs more. I'm over 200 right now. While you may think I "look healthy", your opinion is just that...but bottom line, I'm heavier than I was, my clothes don't fit and I can feel the weight in my back, hips, knees and ankles...all of which have been repaired at least once throughout my life thus far. Why is that important? Because that impacts my "mental health" and that is just as if not more important than my physical health. But, 2 days back training have helped and with my date to be cleared to get back to running just a couple weeks away I'm hoping I can build on this and get the "bug" to get back after it again. Look, no matter what the photos or race results show...EVERYONE struggles at some point. Sometimes the struggles are greater than others. It sucks, plain and simple but I just have to keep that in mind and continue to fight on.

I wrote this partly as a reminder/motivation for myself and partly because I'm sick and tired of everyone gladhanding/glossing over the suckery of injury, training or life. People's who's response is: "you'll be back at it in no time", "it's a minor set back" or any over the other common bs answers are not the kind of people I want to be around. The "right" answer is "I can totally see how you feel that way or are struggling, what can be done to help". THOSE are the people that help you with life. Just spit balling here.

Ya, it's a long post but I'm frustrated...

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Because sometimes you just have to make yourself go

Because sometimes...when you drag your butt to the gym...and it's the last thing you wanna's just what the doctor ordered.

I had no desire to go lift and haven't had the desire to a while. I was getting comfortable with just spending an hour or two on the bike and calling it a day but that was exactly the problem. "Comfort" is a terrible thing especially when recovery from surgery and wanting to get back at it when it comes to racing and racing Ironman events again.

Well, nothing to do but to do it! What started as a slogging through it workout...turned into an absolutely bag smasher of a workout. I just started to feel better with every exercise. No, I will not be able to touch my nose tomorrow...or maybe for a few days...but I feel a TON better. Now to remember this and keep at it...or not try to get all my fitness/strength back in one day. Haha

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sure the weather is find but...

I would've loved putting tires on the road for a pretty 50+ degree day in MA but a: I'm not putting my carbon fiber, Ferrari-like  road/tri bikes on these roads and 2: with my luck, I'd take a spill on the repaired hip and ruin everything. Maybe in hindsight I could've put my bike on the trainer on my balcony...but instead I went to the gym for a solid hour TT on the bike. A hammered workout got me 20 miles...and a sore hip. I just couldn't seem to find a smooth pedal stroke. I blame the bike! But at least I got in a great sweatfest workout. Maybe an Epsom salt soak later will help.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sometimes the things you hate work the best...

There really aren't words to describe the love-hate relationship with these. Spent about 45 minutes doing over head/side/one arm ball throws at all those different weights...and that was after a hard 60 minute bike ride. I can say this, my core is ON FIRE. Yup, bags officially smashed.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Everything is closed because of the snowpocalypse? No problem!

Well, it seems that Mother Nature finally remembered that it's winter here in New England and we're under a blizzard warning right now! So, almost EVERYTHING is closed including gyms and of course the roads to get to them. This is exactly why I keep some training tools at the fingertips at home.

Never underestimate the effectiveness of a couple DVD workouts, a medicine ball and dumbbells and a great workout plan (I LOVE these superhero workouts, modified since I'm recovering from surgery) to completely smash your bags in the comfort of your own home. No excuses, get it done. Say safe in this weather, stay warm...and stay swole! LOL